pat parnow

I was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1953, and got my first camera at the age of 14.

I received my formal education at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design with a BFA Degree, but my practical education over the past fifty years has been in many gardens, forests, villages, studios and my darkroom.

The common thread is producing work that is contemplative, not so much in a thinking way, but feeling. I print my own photographs, as well as mat and frame them, which is very important to me – giving a personal touch that says “this is what I saw”.

My color photographs include subjects from intimate flower portraits to the old world charm of European scenes. Most photographs are printed with a conventional RA-4 process – although the way I print is far from conventional, using many self-devised darkroom techniques, while others are moving towards a digital future using newly developed printing mediums.

I live with my partner and little dog, Twitchy Nik, in South Minneapolis. I am the director of the Loring Park Art Festival.


phone  612-824-6674

Twitchy Nik